Passive Inline Subsonic Filter RCA 20Hz 12dB/Oct. - Made in Italy by McMANTOM - Milano
Hi-End RCA subsonic filter
In-line passive subsonic filter 20Hz 12dB/Oct.

Hi-End RCA subsonic filter

In Line passiver Subsonic-Filter (RCA/RCA):

Extremely easy connection
No loss of quality and power
No distortion or induced noise
General improvement in dynamics
Excellent quality standard
Properties constant over time
Insensitive to sudden temperature changes
Insensitive to mechanical vibrations
Stable market value over time

The filter is not reversible.
The impedance arriving on the male side is decisive it must not be less than 10KΩ.

Technical specifications

Grenzfrequenz : 20Hz 12dB / Okt. (Unterschall-Hochpass)
Filter Sorte : Passiver Netzfilter
Audioverbindung : Weiblicher RCA-Eingang - Männlicher RCA-Ausgang
Maximale Eingangsspannung : 15 Vpp
Eingangsimpedanz des Verstärkers : ≥10KΩ
Frequenzgang : 20÷20.000 Hz (200.000Hz ≤0,5dB)
Material des Körpers : Vergoldetes Messing
Material der Hülle : Eloxiertes Aluminium
Sorte der Komponentenmontage und PCB : SMD-FR4 10x7mm 0,8mm
Verwendete Kondensatoren : Polypropylen - Toleranz ±2%
Verwenddete Widerstände : Dickschicht - Toleranz ±1% ±10ppm/°C
Betriebsumgebungstemperatur : Ta -25.. +50°C
Abmessungen : 54 x 13 mm
Gewicht : 0,040 Kg (das Paar)


Hergestellt in Italien von McMANTOM - Milano Hi-End RCA in-line passive subsonic filter"back in production".
This audio filter is a Hi-End quality product and must be connected to the RCA input of the audio amplifier.
It muffles frequencies of the audio band below 20Hz with a slope of 12dB per octave.
Low frequencies in the inaudible or infrasound range, if not blocked, cause pronounced movement that may damage the woofer and / or subwoofer.
Meanwhile, these frequencies unnecessarily engage the amplifiers, negatively affecting the dynamics and correct reproduction of the actually available audio frequencies.
This filter is usually providential and decisive.
This is to be used in professional and home audio systems, it is especially valued by lovers ... of black vinyl.
The filter should ideally be placed between the preamplifier or RIAA equalizer and the amplifier input, but it has been used over the years, on several occasions, directly at the RCA input of the audio amplifier with excellent results.
The RCA coaxial plug that contains the circuit is made with flawless care.
The central body, made of brass (turned, milled, threaded and gold plated) and the external ruby red coating in aluminum (turned, milled,threaded and anodized) form the container of the circuit.
This product is available with high pass cutoff frequency: 20Hz 12dB/octave.